Towards the Date 10, in lieu of a hero Duel, there was a tribe option

Within next Prize Issue, the fresh castaways were s together with to face out-of up against each most other in a single on a single matches

During the a haphazard mark out-of enthusiasts, Natalie do stay on Hunahpu having Jeremy, Julie, and you will Reed Kelly. Jon, Keith, Kelley, and you can Missy Payne was indeed moved to Coyopa and you may was indeed changed by Alec Christy, Josh Canfield, and you will Wes. When showing the fresh new newbies the new Hunahpu go camping, Natalie revealed that Hunahpu got almost no grain remaining. At Defense mechanisms Challenge, Hunahpu effortlessly forgotten the Coyopa tribe. The new group after that pleaded for much more grain and you may was happy to surrender one thing. The next day, Jeff Probst was included with grain but took all luxuries Hunahpu amassed up until the period. During the Character Duel, Reed acquired the newest group a Survivor barbeque over Coyopa’s Baylor Wilson. Reed picked Julie to become listed on Baylor towards Exile Area. However, Natalie volunteered to see exile having Baylor as an alternative. While on exile, Baylor shared the lady idea to your Invisible Defense mechanisms Idol which have Natalie. Hunahpu acquired new Immune protection system Challenge, remaining Natalie protected from treatment.

With the Date 16, brand new tribes’ Forest Mail greatly suggested an integrate. This is correct together with people preferred a tribe feast. For their date to your Exile, Jeremy and you can Natalie was without difficulty capable of getting Baylor and you may Missy on the front. Jeremy clashed that have Josh with every applying for one other voted aside. Although not, the venture to end additional try delay due to age. At the next Reward Difficulty, Natalie is teamed with Reed, Jeremy, Keith, and you will Wes and acquired a visit to a Survivor taco bar. This new castaways enjoyed new meal of tacos, but zero approach are discussed due to the fact citizens were for the various other associations. At the Immune protection system Challenge, Jeremy obtained private immunity. Afterward, from the first Tribal Council following merge, Josh is actually chosen in a beneficial six-5 choose.

Natalie’s people composed of by herself, Jeremy, Wes, Reed, and you will Alec won the trouble

Natalie faced regarding facing Jaclyn twice and you can claimed each other rounds. However, Jeremy and you may Natalie offered its advantages so you’re able to Jon and you may Jaclyn in order to concrete their alliance with them. Once Baylor acquired disease fighting capability escort service las vegas nv, the fresh new alliance intended to features a split choose ranging from Keith and you will Reed. Yet not, at the Tribal Council, Natalie try stunned when Jeremy try blindsided out of the game.

Immediately after Jeremy’s blindside, Natalie is enraged that have Jon and you may need payback on her behalf fallen comrade. At the next Prize Complications, Natalie is teamed that have Baylor, Missy, and you will Wes nonetheless they forgotten. Wes are sent out over Exile, and you can Missy is actually permitted to continue reward because of Reed providing his place to the woman. Right back at go camping, Natalie desired to discover the fresh idol with Baylor. She delivered Reed and you may Keith off to discover firewood due to the fact female would rating h2o. Natalie were able to effortlessly find the idol, much so you’re able to this lady and you may Baylor’s delight. On Immune protection system Complications, they fundamentally emerged down to Natalie and you may Reed. Yet not, Natalie stated during the good confessional following complications that she been enjoying stars, and her vision was closing. Natalie realized that she was not going to last lengthier. Natalie bartered to own food and Jeff came back with pizza pie, poultry wings, a beneficial cookie, and you will a high mug out-of water. Natalie stepped down and you may Reed won defense mechanisms. The master plan would be to separated the fresh new choose ranging from Keith and you may Wes. Yet not, Reed envisioned you to package and you will wanted to choose out Jon. During the Tribal Council, Keith believed to “stick to the bundle”, hence alarmed the others off Reed’s bundle. Before the ballots was basically discover, Natalie informed Jon to try out his idol. Jon performed make use of the idol, which motivated Keith to experience his. All the ballots up against each other men had been nullified and you may Wes was removed.