There was also a sacred eternal fire and gender orgies

The Eternal Fire

Eventually i must incorporate footnotes to mention my personal information when I are achieving this primarily from memory space but In my opinion it is important to get the facts nowadays! I am doing some hefty research on both Druids therefore the ancient horse bikers of the Pontic Steppes. I do believe I was in a position to record these old pony both women and men as governing lessons on the ancient Celts. The Druid heritage arose to get this governing course.

The mixture of sexual climax vitality making use of the sacred drink exposed the higher centers in a sacred initiation that was performed by priestesses

In a recently available conversation the topic of the sacred flame with the Druids emerged and this article are my a reaction to that. It seems that a few of these men and women relocated to Ireland around 3,000 BC when I’ve discussed in past content. But some of the someone remained in Pontic Steppes and appeared as the Sarmatians around 700 BC.

The ladies in the ancient Sarmatian pony riders comprise warriors as well as the people and 20% regarding the graves had been of females in conflict armor. These people lived in wagons and had huge herds of cattle and horses. At some point the Sarmatians happened to be confused with the Scythians as they resided and filled many of the exact same lands. Based on ancient options the Sarmatians virtually stayed on horseback along with red hair. The Greeks also known as these Sarmatian warrior people Amazons and it was actually believed that the area of Samothrace and its secrets are established by Amazons.

The sacred mysteries of Samothrace been around from 700 BC until 400 advertisement if they happened to be changed from the Eleusinian secrets. We understand almost no about these mysteries with the exception that these were Warrior Goddess oriented, included a sacred beverage that was a form of wines laced with narcotic mushrooms which developed a situation just like LSD intoxication. This initiation got prepared for all people of sessions as well as either gender.

So what was this eternal fire? Pretty much all the sacred secrets had an eternal fire. Just what did that basically indicate? Interestingly sufficient it had been some course operating I’d done for your order Aurum Solis that supplied the solution. The endless fire had been the vital life force of existence by itself that burned and refined all living circumstances in an unending period of demise and rebirth into newer kinds. Existence is a flame which eternal features never missing away since the earliest cell life recreated the new generation!

And people comprise the keepers of the divine endless fire which burned continuously inside their sacred temples. And this also sacred life force was actually sex and virility! It actually was warmth and passing and rebirth! It actually was the fire of desire for dwelling!

The emergency challenges regarding the ancient world made men strong into the reduced chakras nevertheless the larger your are more difficult to start which is just what Sacred drink is for.

The Druids got this sacred fire and they have priestesses which were keepers of sacred flame dating Montana exactly who lived aside in secluded avenues. Its sure that celebrations for the sacred fire involved the active engagement of increased Priestess and they festivities taken place through the Druid community. Additionally it is sure there was clearly a special celebratory wine that has been useful for these special occasions.

The early Druids could have lead this exercise together whenever they relocated to Ireland around 3,000 BC or they othrace mysteries were first set up because Druid culture extended far into Gaul by 700 BC. This was the secret associated with the Holy Grail! It absolutely was the most sacred secret on the Druids and was a most sacred Goddess oriented puzzle. At peak times of the year like Beltaine all had been welcomed to take part for this holy communion and drink this sacred drink.