Since Fairy End engages the fresh new foes, Rogue observes Pain sulking and you may states that the thoughts cannot fit him

Alvarez Kingdom arc

Following Alvarez Empire invades Magnolia, Rogue really stands along with his guildmates, willing to get into race once reading Ichiya’s call so you’re able to palms. [102] In a short time, Rogue mobilizes with his guildmates and you may rendezvouses which have Blue Pegasus; it head northern to cope with the brand new arriving Alvarez fleet of more than 3 hundred. [103] Ultimately, the team arrives at your website out of Alvarez’s invasion and commences struggle with its forces; Rogue particularly works together with many foot troops, close to Frosch. [104] Although not, confronted with the brand new terror away from Bloodman, brand new Sabertooth-Bluish Pegasus alliance retreats meilleures applications de rencontres sans gluten on the camp, where Rogue reacts you to definitely despite the overwhelming amount of opponents it deal with, they have to are able to have them out-of moving on southern. [105]

Although not, Rogue remarks that he is however alarmed because of the its allies’ weakness

A little while after, Rogue in addition to most other Mages from both Sabertooth and Blue Pegasus try seriously beaten and therefore are crucified of the their opposition. [106] He could be up coming stored of the Gajeel’s category, which declares battle up against its effective foes, despite the doubts in the earn and therefore Rogue conveys. [107]

Sting answers that he was unable to undertaking one thing and calls himself good disappointed excuse to own a beneficial Guild Learn, hence on shock from Rogue and everyone more establish, prompts a punch regarding Yukino. With words regarding support backing him, Sting announces to enable them to lso are-enter the competition, by which Minerva declares one to she wouldn’t forgive the brand new challenger to make their master scream; reading that it, Rogue makes reference to Sting because a “crybaby learn.” [108] Shortly after, Sabertooth’s most powerful five undertake the fresh new opponent pushes in unison. [109] Eventually, Rogue are stuck regarding the light out of Irene Belserion’s Universe One to [110] which can be warped to another venue. [111]

Rogue and Minerva is actually warped along with her, and you can run into Kinana, just who prospects these to the latest Fairy Tail Guild’s brand new venue. Here, Rogue gets in their shadow mode and periods Bloodman, while you are their guildmate men and women out-wall Eehto. Within the a brief respite, the guy reunites that have Frosch, and you may informs a worried Lector one Sting in which he was in fact split up. not, Rogue quickly takes notice off Bloodman and you may Wall’s Secret Energy, demonstrating that they are inactive, [112] and you will quickly really does battle with the former, coordinating your blow-for-blow once the latter is during their Third Close. [113] Having said that, Rogue was in the course of time overpowered and you may derided of the his Spriggan several foe. [114] Just after the guy and you can Minerva manage to most readily useful Wall and you may Bloodman, it inquire whether it was truly him or her exactly who beaten the fresh Historias or if it decrease due to the overcome of their conjurer. Rogue up coming requires Minerva exactly what the blinding white to your battleground are, and you can she says to him it was Fairy Rules and explains how the fresh new enchantment whittled out within a life threatening part of its enemies’ forces. [115] Soon afterwards, whenever Minerva are subjected to the results away from Larcade Dragneel’s Magic, Rogue attempts to see what was plaguing their, but is in the future afflicted themselves. [116]

Rogue at some point makes his means to fix your website regarding Sting’s battle that have Larcade, courtesy of Minerva using the woman Territory, in which according to him their reason for offering Sting the fresh new remainders off his Magic Stamina. Though Sting hesitates, he knows Rogue’s package, and you may takes his tincture. Today devoid of Magic, Rogue collapses and you may encourages his buddy, brand new Light Shade Dragon, to help you winnings. [117] As he lies on the ground, Rogue watches Sting take over Larcade momentarily, but is soon influenced, along with his buddy, because of the Roentgen.I.P., which nearly delivers him for the an endless slumber. Rogue advises Pain to get in their shadow to help you reduce the chances of the latest sleepiness and you can promote their senses, along with his friend do therefore by way of Kagura using this lady Gravity Alter. The fresh new Shadow Dragon Slayer upcoming smiles while the Sting defeats Larcade with the consolidation assault. [118]