Negan apologizes to help you Daryl, making clear that he is simply taking pleasure in the moment and taking their “sweet-ass go out”

Since Daryl surrenders, this new shotgun-wielding Whisperer cards you to Leader try deceased on account of Negan, therefore he and other Whisperers promise allegiance so you’re able to your as the latest “the newest Alpha”, much to help you Negan’s entertainment. In advance of it remain, Negan addresses one other Whisperers and you will requires as to the reasons one of them, who’s not new Alpha, is actually holding a beneficial shotgun rather than Negan, to which the brand new told you Whisperer rapidly hand Negan the newest gun. Negan humor about the shotgun are instance an infant that may destroy anybody of the spitting ammo from the them, prior to ordering Daryl in order to kneel up until the “Alpha”. When Daryl complies, Negan admits one Daryl is actually correct, as he performed “want it” and, in reality, loves it a great deal. Because Negan keeps Daryl on gunpoint, the second coldly says one to Negan really should capture your. Negan jokingly informs Daryl never to jeopardize him with a decent date, in advance of turning new firearm on the Whisperer you to given it to help you him to start with. Negan propels the brand new Whisperer from the direct, and kills the other a couple of also. Seeing so it, Daryl just says to Negan so you’re able to untie your, if you are dubbing the second an “asshole”.

As the Negan and you may Daryl wait for Carol to return, Negan claims he does not trust Carol is originating back. Negan continues on to state that, as he said the guy “appreciated they”, the guy was not lying, but Daryl states he understands. Negan teaches you that he missing everything you immediately following he was imprisoned, and his awesome incarceration is hard towards him, therefore the guy acknowledges one to, whenever Leader grabbed your within the, it actually was nice to feel such as he had been recognized and you can mattered once more. Negan, however, states you to definitely Leader got it too much, as “you don’t destroy people who usually do not are entitled to they and you also never eliminate infants”. Daryl sarcastically asks if that’s designed to build him such as for example Negan, although latter rejects so it, even in the event he jokingly asks if their profitable identification is enough. Tired of prepared, Daryl fundamentally decides to head back having Alexandria with Negan.

“The fresh Tower”

When you find yourself getting haven when you look at the a deserted health after leaving Alexandria owed to the chance of Beta’s herd, Negan tactics Lydia, who is stroking Puppy and offers her motorcycle dating apps something you should eat. Lydia, yet not, says she is not hungry. Negan asks when the this woman is avoiding him, and you will Lydia bluntly confirms. Negan are amazed by the her honesty, to which Lydia bitterly asks if the he wants their so you’re able to lay and also make your feel great. Negan denies this, and you can continues on to state that he appreciated her mom even after her inexcusable criminal activities, wishing which he did not have so you can kill their. However, he encourages Lydia to say any kind of she’s to state so you’re able to your. Lydia coldly feedback that of these wish you to definitely Negan had passed away too, before taking her hop out.

Lydia rhetorically asks exactly what Negan is aware of just what she wishes, and you can calls your a greedy anus, trusting he only killed Leader with the intention that individuals believe that they are a champion, but the individuals will never ever select your therefore, since the the guy merely cares regarding themselves

Later on, Lydia angrily ways Negan and you may declares which he cannot give her what you should do. Negan calmly understands that it, and you will attracts Lydia to hit him, since it makes the woman be more confident. Lydia states you to definitely she feels good, but Negan was insistent you to this lady has in order to mourn the woman mother, or it can consistently eat the girl on the within. Despite everything, Negan states, Leader had been their mother, and in case she does not give it time to all-out, she’s going to float after that from the other survivors, hence Negan is definite Lydia don’t wants. Lydia thinks one to your applying for her to start is even to have self-centered factors, and magic how he could provides ever before preferred the girl mother. She is determined one to she disliked the girl mother, otherwise would like to hate the lady regardless, and you may yells during the Negan for stating she can not also do that. Regardless of this, Negan says to the girl it’s ok, compelling Lydia to-break down during the outrage and you can rips just like the Negan embraces the woman.