Constantly, always a thrill without a reason. 30 days, such a haze.

Everyone desires a bit of the action. Every person desires a bit of the cake.

We’re on a holiday, hooligan’s vacation. I’m on any occasion, hooligan’s. I gotta get-away, hooligan’s vacation. We are on a holiday, hooligan’s, yeah. Cro-eyed derilicts comin’, metal horse between all of our feet. Tattoos, black manes flowin’. Each day’s a holidaze.

Folks desires an item of the action. Everyone desires some the cake. They desire some attention.

We are on a holiday, hooligan’s trip. I am on a holiday, hooligan’s. I gotta escape, hooligan’s holiday. We’re on a holiday, hooligan’s Tinder vs Bumble cost.

Modern times and brand new blood’s pumpin’. Precisely the powerful survive.

12. Rock-‘n’-roll Enthusiast

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We stated party, I said prance Sleazing in like a monkey that is cool, We state it’s gro Honey therefore damn cool dancing on beat forest songs rhythm So primal, animal ripping on the attire Striped with such a remove she actually is a winner’s rockshot She you should not give up, no No she you should not bring a shit

Hey hey hey she is a rock-‘n’-roll junkie which is how she gets her kicks the way in which she licks the woman lips It’s exactly how she gets the girl fix Another midnight monkey How’d she get those kicks only a rock-‘n’-roll junkie I’m a wildcat I can’t damage cool to feel the wind’s draft standing up in audio grimey filthy audio dance on sides She loves it like that (She really likes it by doing this) She loves they baby

Hey hey hey she is a rock-‘n’-roll junkie that is how she will get the woman kicks ways she licks their lips It is how she gets the lady resolve Another midnight monkey just how’d she become those kicks simply a rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast

She wants it in that way She likes it kids, hey hey hey

13. Angela

I’ve been an alleycat, We existed nine everyday lives exactly like an excellent drink, I’m better with time Like a diamondback rattlesnake You will find the rattle when it encountered the shake

[Pre-Chorus] until such time you, gimme something to trust before you, gimme something to sink my personal teeth into

[Chorus] Now once the wind gusts cry Angela Angela, i will be indeed there for your family And when the storms scream Angela Angela, I’ll be around

I’ve been a poet always tongue in cheek I have seen some views guy you had never ever feel And like a supercharged skyrocket experience you understand they would have actually fuel if they encountered the opportunity (Pre-Chorus) [Chorus]

Oh Angela Oh Angela As soon as the winds weep Angela

Save your self me personally – i am a blow soul sucker within whiskey ghost area Save me – Have me personally within saddle and ride myself into the ground

Ooooh ooooh ooooh, Angela Ooooh ooooh ooooh, yeah!

Oh Angela Oh Angela Now if the wind gusts weep Angela kid, child I’ll be indeed there

14. State Of Mind Ring

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I’m havnig a negative travels (hahaha) Myflower in my hair simply wilted i simply sold my lightbulb to Ratt Charlie Manson is my personal character i’ll accept Hendrix Janis Joplin knows how to celebration Nixon’s a happenin’ dude this is exactly why the planet could be the means its these days here is the story of my entire life The tread on my sandles are on their way off

15. Dr. Feelgood (Reside)

Rat-tailed Jimmy try a second hand hood He deals out in Hollywood Got a ’65 Chevy, primered fires exchanged for most powdered goods Jigsaw Jimmy he is runnin’ a group But I listen to he’s doin’ ok Got a cozy small job, sells the Mexican mob bundles of candycaine

He’s the main one they contact Dr. Feelgood He’s one that renders ya become alright He is one they phone Dr. Feelgood

Police on area usually dismiss Somebody’s acquiring paid Jimmyhas they wired, legislation’s for hire started using it built in the color had gotten only a little hideaway, really does busine throughout the day But at night he’ll be located attempting to sell glucose into sweet men in the road Call this Jimmy’s community

He’s the one they call Dr. Feelgood He is the one that helps make ya feel alright He’s usually the one they phone Dr. Feelgood He’s going to end up being your Frankenstein I’ve have the one thing might realize he isn’t what you’d phone an attractive guy Got something that’s effortlessly comprehended He is one they phone Dr. Feelgood

He’s going to tell you he is the master Of these barrio avenue climbing up to shangri-la arrived by their wide range as a point of chance states the guy never out of cash no laws two-time loser running out of fruit juice Time to transfer rapid read a rumour supposed round Jimmy’s heading down now it really is going to adhere

He is the only they name Dr. Feelgood He’s one that makes ya feel alright He’s the one they contact Dr. Feelgood He is gonna end up being your Frankenstein

Try to let your relieve your own heart, just take his hands some individuals contact him a wicked people Allow your expose themselves real good he is the only person they name “Feelgood”