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Donald Davenport (adoptive dad/paternal uncle)Tasha Davenport (adoptive mom/sis by relationships)Bree Davenport (more youthful brother)Chase Davenport (younger sibling)Daniel Davenport (youngest brother)Marcus Davenport (android younger sister)?Leo Dooley (step-cousin/adoptive action-brother)Naomi Davenport Trans dating site (initial relative/adoptive half sister)Unnamed adoptive action-grandfatherRose (adoptive step-grandmother)Janice (adoptive action-aunt)Unnamed grandma ?

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Adam Charles Davenport (previously labeled as Subject Good) is one of the fundamental protagonists of the series Laboratory Rats. He or she is the newest eldest outside of the four and it has Extremely Strength, and come up with your the strongest out of the four sisters and everyone more around the globe. He has Heat Vision/Laserlight Sight, and you can through the episodes instance Bionic Showdown, he learns brand new undetectable abilities. Adam is 19 yrs . old.

Adam is not necessarily the smartest ever, but he comes with their moments as he is actually proven to features guidelines.

Season 2

Adam nonetheless teases Pursue and you will Leo regarding their top. Adam takes much more love regarding his household members, and you will becomes more in charge. The guy including becomes smarter, so you can in which Chase called your a wizard. The guy got his first undetectable element for the Bionic Showdown. Within the 12 months dos Synchronous World, Adam is part of brand new Henderson family relations. In lieu of getting bionic and you will good he could be a geek, the opposite off your on correct universe.

Seasons 3

In the 12 months step 3, Adam is really defensive out of their household members. He got his second hidden function inside Drain otherwise Swim, and his awesome 3rd inside the Aunt Battle.

Seasons cuatro

Adam, and Pursue and you will Bree, will still be coaches in the Davenport Bionic Academy. Nonetheless they still competition the new, and you will dated, enemies. They also read that they have some other sibling, Daniel. At the conclusion of 12 months cuatro, Adam decides to remain at the fresh academy having Leo.


He is an extremely dimwitted son just who almost never thinks some thing owing to. He’s low intelligence, that’s unlike their stamina when he was brawn alternatively than thoughts, and that is the alternative when the compared to his young sister, Pursue. He requires several things that folks make sure he understands inside an exact perspective and does not get the metaphor otherwise allusion behind what people make sure he understands, and often he understands things instantaneously, however, during the wrong go out. His stupidity annoys a lot of people as well as Leo, Bree, and Chase. He also is easily angered, which in turn produces glitches. Yet not, he or she is an extremely caring, adorable, fun-loving, goofy and you will comical son.

They are really amicable, type, that is proven to take care of others. Likewise, even after him not really intelligent, he could be shown occasionally is better as opposed to others offer your credit to possess, such regarding episode Leo vs Worst, in which he resolved the trouble considering the new teleporter with a simple solution no body else got thought of. As a result of this, Adam believes easy that is either the main of solving the conflicts the team confronts. From inside the Wise and you can Smarter, he assisted Pursue winnings the fresh new election to possess beginner of one’s session, however, Pursue did not know his operate, which in turn head your to perform against him. The guy thinks such as a tiny child, but understands what people wanted. The guy also has a fairly impish spontaneity, and despite their not enough intelligence can be very snarky within moments. They can never ever discover sarcasm, as in Leo’s Jam, when their propose to rating Danielle just like the Leo’s big date backfires, Leo claims, “High bundle, Chase,” and you can Adam responses, “Exactly what are you talking about? That don’t go whatsoever particularly i wished.” The guy is served by a big cravings, he calls just like the his Amazing Ingredients. Though he isn’t most brilliant, the guy is able to feel fair, including into the Passing Spiral Smackdown, in which Leo teamed up with him thus they can use their bionics so you can win, although not, the guy advised Leo it is maybe not fair and that it are incorrect to use bionics during the a rival.

In the collection, Adam has revealed a fascination with various sorts of farm pets. He would such as for example a pet pig, and he plus introduced a pony, upcoming later on an excellent llama. The guy together with says that can constantly brake having cows.

Even if normally simple, Adam really does features a harmful mood, and in case pressed to help you their restrictions, he is able to be quite hazardous. He has got an interesting relationship with their sisters, when he are not shows a laid-back disrespect for their more youthful sibling, Chase, and it has no problems throwing him from sky or reminding your just how casually they can overwhelm him. But not, he genuinely cares to have your, and dives with the step in the event the Pursue is actually actually ever hurt otherwise endangered. As Leo’s action-sister, he is really type to help you him and you will plays having him an effective package. Same as their physiological siblings, he cares about Leo and certainly will stand-up having him given that often that you can. The guy together with generally speaking annoys Bree, however, seemingly have a better experience of the woman; the guy end the latest cheerleading group when he trapped others cheerleaders and come up with fun out of the girl. In the event that the guy observes Bree or Chase becoming bullied by almost every other children in school, Adam will stand-up for them. As such, throughout the occurrence, Removed, whenever Krane propels a great fireball at Bree, Adam gets very furious and you will forces your within the lab and you can starts to strike and you can defeat Krane up with his awesome electricity. The guy and additionally does their far better manage him or her; like, inside the Synchronous World, up on are told Donald’s the newest product you certainly will seriously hurt them, Adam easily pressed one another Bree and you can Pursue trailing your.

Loved ones

Bree Davenport

Bree are Adam’s more youthful cousin. He could be silky into the this lady than that have everyone else. He’s a powerful dating and certainly will be there to have each other. These two tease both on occasion and so they sometimes challenge otherwise argue. They worry profoundly about each other and can help one another in in whatever way they can. He always signifies that the guy cares from the this lady a great deal. Inside Around three Minus Bree, Adam made an effort to simply take Bree to Australian continent and then make their delighted. In the Taken, when Krane tossed Bree toward wall surface, Adam yelled “Bree!” and you may attacked Krane. For the Bionic Step Character, whenever Bree advised Adam he’d so you can destroy the lady and Troy, Adam shared with her “I am unable to.” He was the very last and most unwilling to damage her. In another of You, Adam put Bree a party when this lady family members failed to appear to help you her party and you will Bree try handled.