Breathing is a vital activity for people to continue their lives. Therefore, nasal congestion, which occurs due to many problems in the nasal system, can become a torment for people and make it extremely difficult to breathe. While there are many reasons behind the problem of nasal congestion, some of them are; curvature of the nasal bone, cold weather conditions, enlargement of the nasal concha, chronic sinusitis and allergic reactions. Therefore, it is of great importance to be knowledgeable about nasal congestion, which is an important problem, and to go to a health institution where you will receive quality health care in such cases, in order to overcome this problem in a short time. As a company, we offer you definitive treatment methods and health services in the field of nasal congestion, as in many fields, with our doctors who are experts in their fields.

Why Does Nasal Congestion Occur?

There are many reasons for the problem of nasal congestion, which makes breathing difficult. Therefore, while the causes of nasal congestion may be due to the anatomical structure of the nose, it can also occur due to inflammation. If the partition in the middle of the nose is bent to one or both sides due to impacts, if the concha meats in the nose structure are enlarged or if the nasal structure is narrow without any disease, these situations become the anatomical cause of nasal congestion. In addition to anatomical structures, allergic causes such as nasal discharge and flesh growth, nasal congestion as a result of chronic inflammation due to reasons such as cold and flu are among the causes of inflammation related to the problem of nasal congestion. In addition, while the adenoid formed in the back of the nose, which is frequently seen especially in children, invites nasal congestion, at the same time, all oral diseases that occur in the nose bring nasal congestion.

How Can Nasal Congestion Be Prevented?

The treatment method for the problem of nasal congestion, which is caused by the anatomical structure of the nose, is usually surgery, and there are no methods of prevention for anatomical reasons other than getting a blow. However, despite the formation of inflammation, nasal congestion can be prevented by many methods. Methods that can be used to prevent nasal congestion;

Allergen factors must be avoided.
The nose and sinuses should be washed regularly with salt water.
The environment must be humid.
Nose; It should be cleaned before sleep and bad habits such as smoking should be avoided.
Plenty of water should be consumed.

Although these methods are precautionary measures against nasal congestion problems caused by inflammation, they prevent nasal congestion at a high rate.

How Does the Diagnosis and Treatment of Nasal Congestion Proceed?

The best way to diagnose the problem of nasal congestion is with a nasal examination. The underlying causes of nasal congestion can be understood more clearly, especially in the endoscopic nasal examination. Most of the time, the cause of nasal congestion can be understood as a result of examination. For this reason, most of the time, the doctor does not need examination during the examination. However, in exceptional cases, computed tomography and allergy tests are also used during the examination. Nasal congestion treatment methods vary depending on the factors that cause nasal congestion. If the cause of nasal congestion is deviation, that is, curvature in the middle bone of the nose, the treatment method is surgery. If factors such as flesh growth or allergies are effective on the basis of nasal congestion, drug treatment is applied first, and if the treatment does not work, surgery is applied. You can benefit from our quality health services from our specialist physicians by contacting us for your nasal congestion complaints.

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