The human body is a systematic structure consisting of many organs and systems as well as five different sense organs. One of the five senses of man is hearing, in other words the ear, which is the organ of hearing. As it can be in every sense organ, hearing loss may occur due to health problems due to different factors and factors in the hearing system due to many reasons. Hearing loss is a problem that can be noticed in a short time, so when hearing loss occurs and this situation begins to be understood, it is of great importance for hearing health that people should know many things, as well as go to a specialist doctor at the same time. Therefore, health is an important element that should not be left to chance. As in many health fields, you can get a quality health service from us with peace of mind by contacting our specialist health care team and doctors in the field of hearing loss and benefiting from our correct and effective treatment services.

What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss in general; is referred to as a decrease in the sound level heard. If it is necessary to expand this definition a little more; The decrease in sound waves coming to the hearing system after damage to the outer ear, middle ear, inner ear and auditory nerves or the complete disappearance of these sound waves is called “hearing loss”. When we look at the world in general, Turkey stands out as one of the countries where hearing loss is most common. So that; Almost 2500 of babies born in Turkey every year have congenital hearing loss. Based on this, it is seen that nearly 1000 children who are at school age have hearing loss.

What are the Types of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss; It occurs with damage to the hearing system or ear structures. Hearing loss, which is a health problem in the field of medicine, is classified according to the damage seen in the hearing system and divided into groups. In this context, hearing loss can be seen in six different types.

Conductive Hearing Loss: In this hearing loss, the sound is not transmitted to the inner ear and the main source of this problem is the damage in the outer and middle ear.
Mixed Type Hearing Loss: As a result of damages occurring simultaneously in the middle ear and inner ear region, there are hearing losses that occur by negatively affecting the conduction and conversion functions.
Auditory Neuropathies: Hearing loss occurs as a result of damage to the auditory system path that goes to the brain with the conversion of sound energy in the inner ear region.
Sensorineural Type Hearing Loss: Hearing loss occurs in the inner ear by preventing the transfer and return of the sound delivered to the inner ear.
Functional Hearing Loss: It is the functional hearing loss that occurs due to major psychological traumas, although there is no damage to the auditory pathways and system.
Central Auditory Processing Disorders: It is a hearing loss problem that occurs as a result of communication disorder problems in the comprehension and speech parts of the brain.

Hearing Loss Treatment

The first step in the treatment of hearing loss is the diagnosis and diagnosis. Therefore, when hearing loss is felt, there is no home treatment for this problem. You can get detailed information and quality health services by contacting our specialist doctors working in our organization. Our doctors, who are experts in the field, start drug treatment after diagnosis and diagnosis, if appropriate. If the method of treatment with medication is not possible, at this stage, the method of treatment with the surgical method is used.

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