Vertigo; It is a Latin word meaning to return. Vertigo is defined as a person’s dizziness due to various reasons and is not a direct disease. It is a symptom or precursor of other diseases. Vertigo, which is not a disease on its own, is a condition that affects the quality of life of the person with vertigo, causes great distress and persists when left untreated. This discomfort, which is accompanied by constant dizziness and sometimes tinnitus and consequently nausea, does not affect the other organs of the person. It is not a fatal disease. However, since it has the feature of repetition at any time, it affects the person socially in a very bad way.

Symptoms of Vertigo Disease

Vertigo is not a disease but is considered a symptom of other diseases. However, it is examined under the name of vertigo disease because of its wide and different causes and because it causes great discomfort in the person. Vertigo disease does not vary much from person to person. Usually the symptoms are the same.

These symptoms are:

Loss of Balance
Fatigue Quickly
Nausea in the stomach
Panic attack

Vertigo disease shows these symptoms.

How is Vertigo Diagnosed?

When the symptoms of vertigo appear, the person applies to the doctor with the above-mentioned complaints. You can consult an ENT doctor. The diagnosis is made after a thorough examination. In order to diagnose vertigo, the inner ear is examined. Hearing test, balance test and brain imaging are taken depending on the situation. In some cases, an EKG is taken. It is essential to do these in order to determine which disease the person has vertigo due to. In other words, whether the person has vertigo due to a disease in the brain, a disease in the inner ear, or a disease in the heart. First of all, it should be determined and the appropriate treatment method should be determined.

Causes of Vertigo Occurrence

Damage to the Balance Nerves in the Ear
Loss or Increase of Inner Ear Fluid
Dislocation of Ear Crystals

Negative Effects of Vertigo on Human Life

Vertigo disease does not harm other organs. But it affects your social life in a very negative way. People with vertigo disease start to suffer from the moment they wake up in the morning. Since they experience dizziness almost every day, they do not enjoy anything they do during the day. In some cases, they may not even be able to perform the actions they are required to do. For example, vertigo patients cannot do intense sports. They cannot enter very noisy crowded environments. They do not like hot weather because they are heavily affected by it. They cannot participate in activities and fun environments that bring happiness to many people. For example, a vertigo patient is adversely affected even at the luna park. Let alone getting on the tools and having fun, even watching his surroundings, his head turns violently and he becomes nauseous. Many people with severe vertigo cannot even drive. He refrains from doing many things because he has to protect himself from various accidents that will happen to him due to dizziness and loss of balance and blackout. This situation makes vertigo patients unhappy and disrupts their psychology. With timely treatment and taking the necessary precautions, you can minimize the problems to be experienced.

Treatment of Vertigo Disease

Depending on the diagnosis, it can be:

Using Medication
Applying to Surgical Methods
Vestibular Rehabilitation

The use of medication is an anti-nausea medication that is given to stop nausea that usually occurs as a result of dizziness. Surgical methods are used when the doctor deems it necessary. Vestibular Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is the elimination of balance disorder with various movements and special maneuvers performed under the control of a doctor in the physical therapy department. Colloquially, this movement is called turning or turning. You can also make an appointment from our center to find a solution to this problem and have a meeting with our specialist.

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