It is a type of cancer that originates from the root of the thyroid gland. The probability of being seen is very low. Early diagnosis is very important and the patient can recover more quickly in this way. There is more than one type of thyroid cancer that we cannot handle in one mold. In order of incidence, papillary cancer, follicular cancer, medullary cancer and anaplastic cancer are types of thyroid cancer.

Papillary cancer: Although it is a type of cancer that can be seen at any age, it can hide itself for many years. It is very difficult to show symptoms. The most common age range is 35-40 years. There is a risk of spreading to other organs of the body.

Follicular cancer: It is one of the other common types of thyroid cancer. Its incidence is very low. It is a type of cancer that has a risk of spreading. There is a risk of spreading to the bones and lungs in particular. The age of sight is 50. It has a high risk of recurrence and makes rapid progress.

Medullary cancer: There is a lower risk of being seen than the two types of cancer we have mentioned. The probability of familial transmission is high. In case of spread to the thyroid glands in this type of cancer, the glands must be removed.

Anaplastic cancer: It is a rare type of cancer. It completes its development quickly and grows quickly. It may be necessary to remove the trachea as it will make breathing difficult.

What are the Causes of Thyroid Cancer?

Although the cause is not clearly known, exposure to radioactive materials can cause thyroid cancer.
When it comes to radioactive materials, the first substance that comes to mind is uranium.
It can be genetically traced.

What Are the Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer?

In many types, there is no situation to complain about.
A mass may have occurred and enlargement of the lymph nodes may occur.
It can cause pain in the throat.
There may be hoarseness, burning in the throat, and difficulty in breathing.
It is a type of cancer that is difficult to show symptoms.

How Does the Diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer Work?

For the diagnosis of thyroid cancer, it is necessary to first determine your hormone amount. For this, hormone tests should be applied. Whatever the result of the hormone test, other tests should be done. This is because values ​​for the diagnosis of thyroid cancer may vary. If there is any mass on the thyroid glands with ultrasound, it is seen. At first glance, it is very difficult to evaluate the mass as cancer. The procedure to be done to make the diagnosis is called biopsy. The most important examination for the diagnosis of thyroid cancer is scintigraphy. It is applied to the mass found in the thyroid with this method. These procedures are very important for the diagnosis of thyroid cancer. By repeating the procedures on the patient frequently, clearer information is obtained in terms of precision.

Thyroid Cancer Treatment

The surgical procedure requires a lot of attention. The radioactive substances that the patient who is taken into surgery is exposed to during the surgery causes the thyroid cancer to spread to other organs after the surgery process. The removal of the thyroid gland during the operation is to prepare the ground for the application of the treatment process. If the thyroid gland is not removed, the treatment will not work. You must entrust this process, which requires specialist treatment, to us. It is very important for your thyroid cancer treatment to go through an experienced treatment process. We are at your side with all our efforts in a long period of time so that you can completely overcome the risk of cancer by being under observation after thyroid cancer surgery. We would like to state that we are a beacon of hope for many patients who are able to do this treatment process and achieve success. Thyroid cancer risk is not seen very often and it is an insidious type of cancer that does not show itself. You must go through a successful diagnosis process. All examinations should be observed meticulously. After the examinations, you must stay under observation so that it does not spread to the body. Early diagnosis saves lives, you should definitely visit us so that you can go through all the examinations and have a healthy treatment process.

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