Sialolithiasis, which is known as a type of disease today, is also called salivary gland stone. As a result of causes such as inflammations in the salivary glands and disorders in metabolism, stone formation occurs in the glands. It is mostly known as a benign disease type. This type of disease, which is often seen in men, mostly prefers middle age as an age criterion. It can occur in a single salivary gland or sometimes in pairs. This disease can be seen in all salivary glands located in areas such as under the chin, in front of the ear, and under the tongue in the human body. However, the salivary gland located under the chin contains more secretion than other glands, allowing it to be exposed to the disease more.

Salivary Stone Formation

The salivary glands in the body become deformed as a result of the infections they have suffered over time. The fact that the infection reaches the salivary ducts brings with it issues such as the gradual decrease in salivary secretion, excessive fluid loss, and irregularity of the nutritional factor. Thus, the salivary stone finds the area to be formed. It begins to form as small microscopic objects by taking advantage of the weakness of the salivary tube, which has become infected over time. Sialolithiasis parts, which are formed as a small body, are gradually growing. As a result of reaching a size of 1 mm, it can cause serious harm to the patient.

Salivary Stone Symptoms

Siaolitis disease, which is mostly known as an insidious disease, can sometimes give some symptoms. Among these symptoms;

Inability to eat comfortably
Pain under the jaw, under the tongue or in front of the ear where the salivary glands are located,
Swelling in the area where stone formation has occurred,
fever rise,
There are symptoms such as inflammation from the salivary ducts.

Salivary Stone Treatment Process

Although salivary stones appear to be small and harmless during their initial formation, they pose a serious danger with their ability to grow over time. Therefore, the treatment process is of great importance. This is where our institution comes into play. It works with a team of experts in the treatment of Siaolitis disease and provides service to you. The treatment process, which will begin by determining the location of the stone, usually starts with medication. With the treatment methods we offer, you can easily get rid of this disease. Get the treatment service from us and make the difference. Surgical intervention, which is required for stones that cannot be removed with drug therapy, is performed with state-of-the-art devices in our institution.

Spread Rate of Salivary Stone Disease

Salivary stone disease, which is a type of disease that is not often heard of, has become increasingly common nowadays. The biggest reason for this is the gases in the inhaled air and the changes in the air that affect the human body very badly. Damage to the salivary glands, which have a very important place in the human body, is such a big problem that it prevents the person from breathing comfortably. For this reason, it is necessary to take all necessary precautions to prevent this extremely common type of disease. First of all, it is necessary to dress according to the characteristics of the season in order to eliminate the risk of infection. Afterwards, the controls to be made in health institutions for early diagnosis should not be neglected. For this type of disease, which even dentists can diagnose very easily nowadays, you can always get professional support for this problem with our experience.

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