Sinusitis is the most common cause of complaints such as headache and nasal congestion after a cold or flu, and colored discharge from the nose, and fatigue, which reduces the quality of life of people who occur most frequently in the winter season. The most important factor affecting the disease is upper respiratory tract infections, nasal bone curvature and nasal concha discomfort.

What are the Symptoms

The most important and known symptom today is severe headaches. In addition, sinusitis discomfort manifests itself with many symptoms such as nasal congestion, severe pain around the eyes and face, sore throat, difficulty in adaptation, mild fever. Especially in children, complaints such as nausea and cough can sometimes occur. When these symptoms occur after the flu, you can benefit from all kinds of treatment applications by taking advantage of the services provided by our specialists. Because it is an insidious disease, it is sometimes difficult to show itself. It should not be expected that all symptoms of the disease will be present, and in order to benefit from the treatment methods we apply immediately, one should be examined and the tests we provide should be applied.

How It Affects Quality of Life

Like all the diseases that occur in every disease, this disease reduces the quality of life of the person, not only physically, but also negatively affects the person psychologically. With the emergence of the disease, some disadvantages appear, some of which are:

night snoring
Sleeping with your mouth open
Severe pain in the forehead area
extreme fatigue
nasal congestion

It is faced with many such negativities. In progressive sinusitis disorders, some negativities sometimes occur that also affect the lungs. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as possible before the disease progresses. You can benefit from all our health services to get a new quality of life by getting a new quality of life, by applying to take advantage of our services provided with the latest technologies and ending all kinds of diseases caused by sinusitis with treatment with a definitive solution.

It is a kind of health problem that can be treated with antibiotic treatment after the examination or with surgical intervention in the future. As a result of timely intervention, the disease can be prevented, but neglected treatment is postponed and surgery is required in the future as a result of inflammations that spread throughout the body. As a result of inflammation, the disease, which was ignored at first, progresses to the brain membrane and causes many different diseases. Apart from these, there are many reasons that trigger the disease. The most important thing to note is that many reasons such as sleeping with wet hair or staying in cold weather accelerate the formation of the disease. This disease has a lot of damage to the body. With the symptoms occurring in the body and the disease that progresses day by day, it is easily treated with the developing technologies today.

You can benefit from our services by getting help from us when the first symptoms occur for the treatment of the disease, which results in a short time with drug treatment without the need for surgery. Another symptom of the disease is the inability to smell and taste in the mouth. This disease, which can be seen in everyone, is a disease that can be seen in children at any age in the elderly, and it is more common in children, so more care should be taken and treatment should be done when the slightest symptom is seen. The disease is recognized in two forms. These are divided into acute and chronic. The symptoms of both are quite different from each other.

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