Hearing perception, which has a very important place in human life, can sometimes be lost due to some reasons. After this situation, which is called hearing loss, the person becomes unable to distinguish sounds from each other.

Factors Causing Hearing Loss

The biggest cause of hearing loss disease, which occurs due to many different reasons, is known as old age. Other reasons other than this reason include;

Inability to develop the path inside the ear from the moment of birth,
extreme otitis media,
eardrum calcification,
Deformation of the eardrum due to pressure change or extremely loud sound,
There are reasons such as the formation of auditory nerve tumor.

Types of Hearing Loss

Whatever the cause, hearing loss, which is known as a very important type of disease, is divided into many types. The type of Sensorineural hearing loss, which is among these types, is of great importance. It is mostly known as a common species. This type of disease, also called neural deafness, is more nerve-focused. It can be congenital, as well as any trauma experienced after birth, diseases such as meningitis are among the most important causes of Sensorineural loss. In addition to this type, conductive hearing loss is also known as a type that is frequently encountered today. It is a type of loss that mostly occurs in the outer and middle ear. Another type is called mixed hearing loss. It has the characteristics of both types. For this reason, it is known as a very important type of hearing loss.

Mixed Type Hearing Loss

It is defined as the type that occurs in both regions, mostly known as the inner and outer ear. The lack of clear understanding of many words, which are among the symptoms, affects the person negatively. The treatment process used for this type, which is a combination of hearing loss types, takes quite a long time. However, the chance of getting a positive result from the treatment process is a very weak type of disease. For this reason, you can benefit from the services we offer in the field of mixed-type hearing loss treatment with our expert team. We have all the necessary equipment and information equipment for a positive result of your treatment process. Take a step to get treatment service from us and relax. The choice of hearing aids, which is necessary for the solution of this disease, is of great importance today. You can also easily benefit from our hearing aid sales transaction service, which is included in the services we offer to you.

What is Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids are defined as a very important tool in the treatment process of hearing loss disease, which occurs after many different reasons. It is known as a device that is generally used in disease types for which no treatment method can find a solution. It consists of 3 main parts. It is divided into different sections as microphone, amplifier and speaker. The sounds that are perceived by the microphone are transmitted to the Amplifier part and the sound is adjusted. Afterwards, the sound is transmitted to the ear of the person in an amplified form with the help of a speaker. In order to use the relevant device, first of all, necessary tests and diagnosis should be made by specialist doctors. In the next process, the patient is directed to the hearing aid if the results cannot be obtained with drug treatment and surgical interventions. We are at your service with multiple models in the choice of hearing aids.

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