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hoarseness; It means that the vibrations in the sound are muffled or that the sound level changes completely. The reasons for its formation include laryngitis, cysts or benign masses in the vocal cords, paralysis of the nerves that dominate the vocal cords, allergies and inflammation conditions, lung diseases, tumors, psychological reasons, smoking or having to stay for a long time in inappropriate closed conditions, loud shouting. , crying and anger states. When hoarseness is experienced, the most appropriate thing is to see a doctor immediately. In particular, hoarseness that exceeds 1 week should be examined. In addition to shortness, if there are problems in breathing, blood coming from the mouth, difficulty in swallowing, if a swelling is detected, you should definitely go to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

How to Diagnose Hoarseness

Hoarseness is a condition that should be taken seriously, and especially after the age of 50, the larynx should be examined. It is the first sign of throat cancer. Frequent ones can often be caused by laryngitis. This means inflammation of the vocal cords. And it is the most common problem in general. With plenty of rest and fluid intake, the problem is relieved. The patient has cough, sore throat, hoarseness and fever. Bacteria, tuberculosis, throat reflux, loud shouting, allergies and cigarette smoke are factors in laryngitis-related formations. If the cause is laryngitis, treatment can be followed by avoiding irritating environments of the respiratory tract and minimizing the use of sound as much as possible. If the situation is at advanced levels, antibiotic treatment is started to the patient after the doctor’s examination. However, long-term hoarseness should be considered important as it brings with it different problems. At the beginning of these is laryngeal cancer; Hoarseness is the primary symptom due to the tumor. If treatment is not started, the situation progresses to cough, bloody sputum and shortness of breath.

In order to diagnose hoarseness, an examination of an Ear Nose and Throat specialist is essential. If necessary, it is also examined in detail by endoscopic examination. Any existing condition is evaluated and treatment is sought. Among the examinations performed, lung control, sinusitis controls, allergy tests, diabetes examination, laryngeal tomography and vocal cords are examined.

Situations that Require Intervention in Hoarseness

If hoarseness has spread to a period of more than two weeks, if there is a problem only in the vocal cords without a flu situation, if there is difficulty in swallowing and bleeding; These are the points that should definitely be intervened. Initiation of treatment after an examination by an otolaryngologist is the essential step.

Hoarseness is often associated with the common cold.
Long-term hoarseness requires physician control.
Unfortunately, there is a relationship between hoarseness and cancer.
Smoking and being in a smoking environment, straining the vocal cords and psychological reasons are important factors.

When it comes to the treatment phase, first of all, treatment is started according to the cause diagnosed in the preliminary examination. If there is inflammation in the vocal cords, drug therapy is usually the savior. If signs such as tumors are found, complete organ treatment is started. If a malignant tumor is in question, surgery becomes the solution point. In order to prevent the problem of hoarseness caused by laryngitis, an individual; Avoiding smoking, using your vocal cords carefully, and staying away from air conditioning, dusty places, and areas with chemical odors can help.

The problem of hoarseness is one of the problems that almost everyone frequently encounters throughout their life. In some cases, despite this frequency, the subject is ignored by the patient, which causes the detail, which is the harbinger of serious diseases, to progress slowly. Even a psychological problem causes the voice to be muted. The details are varied and the important thing is to be sensitive to the symptom. Our advice as a professional team; It is necessary to carefully evaluate and care about every reaction of the body. In our center, first class service is provided by being with you in both information and treatment.