You can change the shape of your nose by having plastic surgery on your nose. Rhinoplasty operations can be performed for visual purposes. In addition, it is sometimes done to eliminate deformities that hinder health. While the nose can be reduced or enlarged, the image on the nasal bridge can also be changed. If respiratory disorders are caused by the shape of the nose, nasal aesthetic surgery is recommended for these people. Nose aesthetics attracts the attention of men as well as women.
In the rhinoplasty operation, the necessary tissues in the nose are removed and necessary applications are made on the shape of the bones and cartilages. It can be taken from tissues in other regions and used for the nose. Local or general anesthesia can be applied, as well as open or closed technique. The method suitable for the patient is used. You can see all your surgery in the aesthetic intervention performed with local anesthesia.
How You Will Feel After the Operation
You can have the operation performed in our reliable and high-quality institution and by our specialist physician. • Perforated silicone leaflets can be applied to prevent bleeding that may occur after the operation. After one day, these particles are removed.

• A splint can be placed to avoid any scars. They are taken after seven days. A plastic plaster is placed outside the nose, which will remain for seven days.

• Sensitivity may occur in that area for a few days after the aesthetic operation.

• Our physician can write a supplemental prescription for you to make you feel comfortable. Because your nose will be blocked for the first seven days. If you are working, you can start working the next day of the operation. Nasal congestion will not prevent you from working.
Rhinoplasty is an important issue that increases self-confidence for people. Why not have an aesthetic operation when you have a nose that you think spoils your appearance or you want to look better when medicine is so advanced. If you have a nasal deformity that is an obstacle to your health with this aesthetic operation, which takes place in a very short time, why not have rhinoplasty. You will have the nose you want in a short time and you will return to your old life more confident and healthy in a short time. If there is any bruising or swelling after the surgery, it will disappear within fourteen days. Our institution and our doctors will give you the best service. The shape of the nose varies between six months and twelve months.
Considerations Before Having Surgery
Our patients and physicians who decide to have the surgery should express their wishes clearly. If necessary, the patient should show the desired nose shape with a sample picture to the physician. The patient’s decision is very important. In the end, the person to be operated should like it. Even if people generally want their nose to resemble the nose of any person, it is important which shape the nose will suit the person who is important. Women can have rhinoplasty after the age of seventeen and men after the age of eighteen. One day after the operation, the person is discharged.
You Should Be Careful When Choosing Your Doctor
You should carefully choose the institution and your doctor where you will be operated. Our center offers first-class service in this regard. Do not forget that it is no longer difficult to achieve the nose shape you want. Why wait if you want to have a better looking nose? If your health problem is related to nasal deformity or if you are not satisfied with the appearance of your nose, do not wait for rhinoplasty. While medicine has advanced so much, it is possible to have the nose you want with a simple operation that takes a very short time.

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