It is the most common filling material in the world. It is an FDA approved, secure product.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural molecule that is available in normal structure of the skin, it moisturizes the skin and adds a filling effect thanks to its water retention capacity. It gives glossy appearance and elasticity to the skin, causing skin to look fresh and young.

Hyaluronic acid injections:

  • Filling the lips
  • Nonsurgical nose remodelling
  • Chin remodelling
  • Forming cheekbone
  • Filling hollow under the eyes
  • Filling deep lines between the eyebrows, and around the nose and
  • It is used to fill marks such as pimple marks, scars


Hyaluronic acid does not affect natural appearance of the face as it does not have any affect on gesture muscles.  Its effect lasts approximately one year. It shows the effect immediately after the application and no preparation or testing is required.

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