Tinnitus (Tinnitus) is a condition that reduces the quality of life to almost zero for the patient. He hears sounds such as constant sizzling, humming, water noise. This is sometimes the case or constantly, sometimes in one ear, sometimes in both ears. The ringing in particular is the most disturbing part. As the reasons; ear wax, problems in the eardrum, ear infections, allergic conditions, sinusitis, trauma from the ear can be shown as the cause. Especially in advanced ages, tinnitus is frequently experienced due to damage to the auditory nerves. Loud noise can be said as another effective cause of tinnitus. Although situations such as working or being in a loud noise and listening to loud music are thought to be unimportant, they are actually negative conditions in terms of health in the long run. Tinnitus (Tinnitus) is also the harbinger of a serious disease such as a brain tumor. The situation should definitely be under the control of a doctor.

Tinnitus Treatment

Although there is no specific treatment for tinnitus, the treatment can be clarified by finding and eliminating the cause. X-rays and balance tests are helpful techniques in finding the cause. Medication can also be effective in treatment.

Some personal measures can also be taken to prevent Tinnitus (Tinnitus) from happening, or even reduce it if it does. Some of these can be created by avoiding loud music, keeping blood pressure under control, keeping salt intake at a normal level, avoiding caffeine, doing regular daily exercises and resting. Stress can also be shown as one of the most important causes of tinnitus. Tinnitus and stress can be defined as two sides walking in the same direction. Even being able to keep the stress at a level even during treatment will reduce the severity of tinnitus.

Tinnitus (Tinnitus) can be defined as a sound perception disease. In this sound perception, there is not a single tone, there are many sounds in thin and thick tones, sounds such as clatter, crackling, which continue with the pulse beat, recur, and the sounds of clock ticks are perceived. This disease does not distinguish between men or women. The incidence increases with increasing age. Especially after brain and ear surgeries, tinnitus is much more common. Sometimes it can be experienced after epidural cesarean section. The person with tinnitus should take care to stay away from noisy places.

Tinnitus Treatments

Although there is no specific treatment method in tinnitus, it is dominated by medical treatment or surgical treatment. Although the situation cannot be clearly controlled with the drugs used in medical treatment, it has been found to be effective in some cases. When it comes to surgical treatment, the way out of the situation can be drawn by cutting the auditory nerve. The most important of all is the psychological approach. To cope with this situation, a method called masking is applied; which means inhibition of sensations. Especially recently, this method has been tried with laser treatments.

Tinnitus is a condition that seriously reduces the quality of life.
Tinnitus can have many causes and should be carefully investigated by a specialist physician.
Although there is no specific treatment for tinnitus, the situation can be resolved with medical, surgical and psychological approaches.
Tinnitus does not cause deafness.

Tinnitus can be called a symptom rather than a disease. However, it is absolutely necessary to apply to a specialist doctor from the moment it occurs. At the same time, protecting yourself personally is an important criterion. Controlling diabetes and hypertension is one of the measures to prevent this occurrence. At this point, you can get all kinds of information about the subject from us as a professional team specialized in their field. It should not be forgotten that; health cannot be neglected, the body’s alarms and symptoms should never be ignored. Make sure that every symptom has a meaning. And being sensitive at this point is the most important part. Within this section, we want you to know that we are always by your side with our experience, positive approach and result-oriented work.

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