The earwax, which we call the plug, consists of the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands at the entrance of the ear canal and the epithelial debris. As long as this secretion is in normal amounts, it is healthy and protects the external ear canal from infections. In some people, too much secretion is produced to block the external ear canal. Ear wax, which absorbs water after the sea, pool or bath, swells and blocks the external ear canal. The patient comes with a complaint of hearing loss.


If the earwax has blocked the external ear canal causing complete hearing loss, it should be cleaned. The ideal cleaning method is to remove the plugs under the microscope with a curette or aspiration. For very hard and stubborn plugs, using 5-10 drops of glycerine or oxygenated water for a few days can soften the plug and make it easy to remove.