The curvature of the cartilage and bone forming the middle part of the nose is called deviation. In patients with deviation, complaints of nasal congestion, snoring, dry throat, pharyngitis, and waking up tired in the morning are observed. Sometimes sinusitis and nosebleeds can also be seen.

The classically accepted lower age limit for deviation surgery is 16 17 years for women and 17-18 years for men. However, in special cases, it can also be done in children of much earlier age.

Although deviation surgeries can be performed with local anesthesia or sedation when necessary, general anesthesia is preferred for patient comfort and for the surgeon to work more comfortably. Today, silicone tampons are used in deviation surgeries. These silicones both allow the patient to breathe and do not cause pain and bleeding since they do not stick to the nose while being removed. These buffers are 2-3. It is taken daily and the patient can continue his daily life.

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