The eardrum is perforated, recurrent ear discharges and hearing loss occur. If the ear is not protected from water, especially while taking a bath or swimming in the pool-sea, the middle ear can easily become inflamed and the ear begins to flow.
In the form we call chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma, there is a tissue that destroys the ear. In cases of neglected chronic otitis media or in the presence of cholesteatoma, damage to the ossicles may occur in the ear, and although rare, severe complications such as facial paralysis and brain abscess may develop.
The main aim in patients with chronic otitis media is to treat the existing inflammation and to correct the hearing loss. People with this disease need to protect their ears from water. Ear drops and oral antibiotics are used for the treatment of inflammation. In surgical treatment, tympanic membrane surgery, repair of middle ear ossicles and mastoidectomy are performed in patients with cholesteatoma.