There is a symmetry and balance between all structures forming the face skeleton in all faces that are considered beautiful. There is a harmony between these structures. Particularly chin smaller or bigger than normal, forward or recessed structure disturb this harmony and have adverse effect on the entire appearance of the face.

Correction of aesthetic problems in the jaw structure establishes the harmony on the face and provides positive contribution to the appearance of lips and nose.

Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate the chin structure and solve all aesthetic problems related with the chin in order to obtain good aesthetic results among all patients with plastic remodelling requests.

Solving the problem with chin implant is the easiest and the most effective method in case lower chin is small and recessed. It may be performed under local or general anaesthesia.  The operation takes approximately half an hour -one hour.

A small incision is made under the chin or in the mouth, and chin implant with suitable dimensions are placed in the slot prepared on the jaw bone.

Extra bone is removed by accessing from the inner face of the lower lips in case the chin is longer and forward.

It is possible to enlarge, reduce the chin or correct the asymmetries by opening incisions and shifting the bone in case of severe deformations.

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