It is known that the origin of the word vertigo dates back to ancient times. The word is originally translated as “to return”. Vertigo is the Latin name for the disease. Although it is not quite correct to say that vertigo is a disease in itself, people who see different symptoms often suspect that they have vertigo. The reality is that vertigo has its own symptoms. Sometimes vertigo is confused with dizziness or lightheadedness. Vertigo is basically dizziness. These dizziness sometimes occur in the form of the people and things around them. Even if the person closes his eyes, they suggest that these rotations continue. It is known that people with vertigo experience various difficulties in their daily lives. Vertigo has come up a lot lately. It is known that the main cause of vertigo occurs as a result of some events that occur in the inner ear. Vertigo is a common condition faced by people around the world. It is known that vertigo occurs due to the sudden movement of the crystal particles in the inner ear and the deterioration of the balance of the person.

What are the symptoms of vertigo?

Vertigo is known to occur mainly as dizziness. Nausea and vomiting also occur along with dizziness. When you see these symptoms in yourself, it is useful to see a doctor. Since vertigo is not basically a disease, it is very important to first find the underlying causes and thus make a diagnosis. For this reason, the patient needs to pass certain tests, and these tests may need to be done by neurology, eye, and internal medicine doctors rather than just under the supervision of a doctor.

What are the diseases that cause vertigo?

We can basically deal with vertigo in two ways, first of all, if we look at peripheral vertigo, it is known that the main reason for this type of vertigo is due to some reasons on the inner ear side.

The main causes that occur in the inner ear can be listed as follows.

Maniere’s disease
vestibular neuritis
Benign proximal vertigo

We said that this type of vertigo originates from the inner ear, now we can list some conditions that affect the inner ear as follows.

some trams

A second type of vertigo is central vertigo. If we look at this type of vertigo, we can say that this vertigo originates from the brain, it occurs due to some problems in the balance centers of the brain.

How is vertigo treated?

Since vertigo is a symptom of a disease rather than a disease, it is necessary to determine a treatment method by analyzing the underlying causes. Although the treatment process can be medication, surgical interventions may be required from time to time. Patients diagnosed with vertigo can sometimes be treated by a physical therapist and sometimes by different doctors in the fields of internal medicine, etc. If it is known that vertigo is caused by crystal shift or movement originating from the inner ear, Videonystagmography test is performed to try to determine the location of the crystals. With the necessary testing and treatment, the crystals are stabilized. If vertigo is caused by mania and other diseases, appropriate treatment methods are applied to them. If Maniere’s disease triggers vertigo, what needs to be done for this is basically drug treatment is started and salt is restricted, smoking is banned, and the patient is kept away from certain allergenic foods. Vertigo has a complex structure as it can be seen, so we are waiting for you, our valuable patients, to our health institution. With our leading institution in the treatment of vertigo, we have been working devotedly for years to restore you to your health. We restore people’s health with the necessary tests and clinical studies. You can get rid of this problem with the help of our specialist doctors. As our institution, we value your health and we welcome our patients to our institution.

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