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It is a 100% biocompatible filling material. Structural components of this filler material are calcium and phosphate ions and these are naturally available in the human body. No allergy test is required before the treatment. It is used to give volume to hollow areas, remodel the nose, remodel cheeks and chin, and fill lines around […]


At present day, methods that allow individuals to go back to their daily routine in a short time are preferred as they are applied easier than the surgical methods when it comes to giving a youthful appearance.  Face fillers are the most prominent of these methods. Main application areas of face fillers: – Fills thin […]


The eardrum is perforated, recurrent ear discharges and hearing loss occur. If the ear is not protected from water, especially while taking a bath or swimming in the pool-sea, the middle ear can easily become inflamed and the ear begins to flow. In the form we call chronic otitis media with cholesteatoma, there is a […]


Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic remodelling surgery. In this operation, the nose is aesthetically shaped and the breathing problems of my patient are eliminated. Rhinoplasty ideal nose: is a natural nose compatible with the facial structure of the individual that does not show the aesthetic intervention or cause breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can be performed in two […]


In case the desired aesthetic result cannot be obtained with the nose remodelling, two, three or more surgeries may be needed. Regardless of the experience of the surgeon, the possibility of second surgery is 10% in case of nose remodelling surgeries. The important point is the scale of the revision. Sometimes the problem may be […]


Rhinoplasty for men is different when compared with women.  In nose remodelling for men, it is important to correct the existing malformation of the nose and protect the masculine appearance without changing the facial expression. Therefore, different interventions are made about the nose angle, back of the nose and nasal bones in order to avoid […]

Pay Attention to the Problem of Hoarseness

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] hoarseness; It means that the vibrations in the sound are muffled or that the sound level changes completely. The reasons for its formation include laryngitis, cysts or benign masses in the vocal cords, paralysis of the nerves that dominate the vocal cords, allergies and inflammation conditions, lung diseases, tumors, psychological reasons, smoking or […]


The ducts of the main salivary glands open into the mouth. The process of viewing the inside of the channels by entering these channels with a very thin endoscopic camera system is called salivary gland endoscopy = sialendoscopy. Sialendoscopy is a procedure performed for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. With sialendoscopy, if there is a […]


If the branchial spaces that should disappear during fetal development are not eliminated, they appear as branchial cysts in the postnatal period. They are the most common congenital neck masses on the lateral side of the neck. There are four types of branchial cysts and a second branchial cyst is seen in 95% of the […]