The reason why people get allergic rhinitis can be caused by different allergens in each person. In general, allergen substances taken by the airway cause allergic rhinitis. If we give an example of allergens we take from the air, we can show animal hair and pollen as an example. Allergic rhinitis can be seen during a certain season or it can last all year. Allergic rhinitis seen during a certain season is known as hay fever. Allergic rhinitis, which is seen during a certain season, is generally seen in the spring seasons. Itching in the nose, congestion and watery nasal discharge are among the symptoms. Perineal allergic rhinitis type continues throughout the year. Patients always suffer from nasal congestion.

Types of Allergic Rhinitis and Treatment

Nasal inflammation is called allergic because it occurs as a result of allergy. Rhinitis means inflammation of the nose. Our immune system responds to substances that may cause allergies that have entered our body. If the body encounters the same substance again later, it recognizes this substance or substances and shows the feature of creating special antibodies belonging to this substance or substances. Although the first occurrences are generally encountered in childhood and adolescence, they can also occur in different age groups. It is common for other allergic diseases such as asthma to be encountered frequently in patients with allergic rhinitis. Because allergic diseases such as asthma, people with this disease have a tendency to allergic diseases, it is common to see allergic diseases. As the age progresses, the symptoms related to the disease become rare. In allergic rhinitis, even if the complaints about the disease decrease as people get older, recovery cannot be achieved without treatment. Allergic rhinitis caused by pollen is also known as hay fever.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Our doctor performs tests after listening and understanding your complaint. There are two types of tests made from skin and blood. In the skin prick test, the essence of the substance that is thought to affect you is dripped under your skin. If you are allergic to this substance, the place where it is dripped on your skin becomes red. In the allergy test to be made from blood, the blood to be taken is given to the laboratory. It is determined according to the results. In order to continue living your life with quality standards, you need to be treated.

Medical treatment does not eliminate the disease, it only makes you feel more comfortable. You can temporarily get rid of your complaints about the disease with drugs in the antihistamine group or nasal spray.

In vaccine treatment, the vaccine is administered with the lowest dose to the patient with allergic rhinitis. Then, as time progresses, the dose is increased several times and the vaccine method is applied. Since the patient will get used to that substance, he does not show any allergies anymore. Vaccination is the best method of treating this disease. It is very fast and effective in the healing process, especially in children.

You can also follow a protective method by protecting yourself from allergens. But this protective method is very difficult or impossible. For example, if animal hair is an allergen for you, you may be able to stay away from animals, but if pollen is an allergen for you, it is impossible to keep yourself away from pollen flying in the air when you go outside. Take care of your health and do not delay enjoying life, you can trust our doctor for treatment.

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