The thing that our patients who are considering aesthetics are most curious and worried about is the question of how I will have a nose after the operation. We use some simulation programs to help our patients in this regard.

However, in most simulation programs, we can only obtain two-dimensional images. Therefore, we can show the patient only the profile image of the nose that we intend to do in the surgery. The patient cannot have information about the view of his nose from every angle. Front view of the nose, such as the state of the nostrils.

3Dvectra is a three-dimensional imaging system. Here, we take three-dimensional pictures of the patient with a special device and transfer them to the computer screen. We apply the operations that we plan to do during the surgery on these pictures in 3D. Thus, patients can see approximately what kind of nose they will have after surgery from all angles in three dimensions.

However, it should be kept in mind that this is a simulation program and not a definitive result of surgery.